Why Oxygen?

We’ve answered thousands of questions from guests who want to stay healthy and active while visiting the high country. Many are surprised by their body’s reaction to the change in altitude. It can be inconvenient, unexpected and sometimes very expensive in both time and money. We advocate prevention so that you fully enjoy your experience here in the mountains.


It’s All About Efficiency

In a single word, efficiency. At 10,000 feet, you’ll receive one third less oxygen in every breath. Your oxygen efficiency may not be high enough for normal day to day activities that are usually easy or comfortable for you at sea level. Guests that ski, snowboard, hike or bike may feel the effects of altitude very quickly. Even climbing the stairs can turn into a challenge!


Prevention Simplified

Most guests can relate to prevention when they think about sunscreen. Using sunscreen at the beach is a lot like using oxygen at altitude. When visiting the beach you wouldn’t wait until day three to use it, would you? Of course not, no one wants a sunburn while on vacation. Traveling to altitude should include the same precautions.


When You Arrive

Using oxygen as soon as you arrive will soften the abrupt landing your body experiences at 10,000 feet. By relaxing on oxygen for at least an hour you can immediately help the adjustment process along. Experience has shown the easiest, fastest and most effective way to adjust is by sleeping overnight on oxygen supplied by one of our oxygen concentrators.


Use It While You Sleep

Many guests do not receive enough oxygen at night because we breathe much slower and shallower than we do while awake. Supplemental oxygen can help keep you healthy and active so that you can enjoy time exploring with your family and friends. Very often, it can help after just one night.



We like to think of the human body as an oxygen battery. Recharge with supplemental oxygen at night so that you’re ready to enjoy a full day!

Ready for Relief?

24 Hour Oxygen Makes Oxygen delivery fast and easy. We deliver to your front door or front desk and answer all of your questions, when you’re ready we’ll pick it up at your convenience. It doesn’t get any easier to help you enjoy your vacation!