FAQs about Oxygen Rentals

We’ve answered thousands of questions from guests who want to stay healthy and active while visiting the high country. Many are surprised by their body’s reaction to the change in altitude. It can be inconvenient, unexpected and sometimes very expensive in both time and money. We advocate prevention so that you fully enjoy your experience here in the mountains.

Will oxygen help me adjust to high altitude?

Yes! At 10,000 feet, you are breathing one-third less oxygen in every breath compared to sea level. 24 Hour Oxygen has conducted research with John Hopkins University to test the benefits of supplemental oxygen at altitude.

How long should I use oxygen?

All guests have different oxygen needs. We find that longer sessions are much more effective than several short sessions. The easiest, fastest and most effective way to adjust is by sleeping at night with supplemental oxygen for at least 4 hours. That is why our oxygen concentrators are our most popular rental: you will never run out of oxygen and can sleep with it every night you have it. You can also use the oxygen at your leisure, in your accomodation, as opposed to sitting at a bar and paying by the minute. 

Is oxygen safe for me?

Yes! In over 30 years of service, we have never seen any adverse affects. We help healthy people quickly and easily adjust to high altitude. There us no such thing as “too much” oxygen. 

Do I need a prescription for oxygen?

NO! We do not require a prescription for our oxygen service! We help healthy people adjust to high altitude.

Do you accept insurance?

No, sorry. We are not a medical provider and do not accept or fill prescriptions (We do not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease). This way, there is no middleman and you receive fast, immediate and professional service. 

What type of oxygen do you supply?

We only use the highest quality oxygen available. At almost 100% pure, it’s the very same product that airlines use. Every time you board a plane, perhaps to visit Colorado, you benefit from the very same oxygen we will deliver to your door. It’s perfect for guest needs, especially at 10,000 feet.

Can I Come pick up the oxygen myself?

Sorry, no. We will have the pleasure to deliver it to your front door or front desk, however!

Can I reserve oxygen before my trip?

Yes! We encourage reservations to ensure we have the equipment available when you need it and to guarantee that you stay healthy during your visit.

Do I have to be present to receive a delivery?

No. Our drivers can simply leave it at the front door or front desk and will notify you of the delivery. We also e-mail detailed instructions and our return policy. 

How quickly will I receive my order?

We pride ourselves in great customer service. During normal business hours our goal is to be at your door in under an hour. At peak times or when we deliver outside of Breckenridge, it may take just a little longer.

We deliver everyday. Orders may be placed 24/7 via our website. Deliveries will be made within our operating hours of 8am-8pm. 

What towns do you deliver to?

We deliver to Breckenridge and Blue River, Colorado.

What is your cancellation policy?

Payment in full is required to hold all reservations. Our staff is happy to answer questions that help you determine the appropriate services for your needs. All sales are final. No credits or refunds will be issued.